Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 2 Picts

One year has passed since we learned that Levi had anencephaly. It has been a difficult year, fully dealing with the news we received, and losing some furry friends along the way, but here we are! We wouldn't change the outcome of our year for anything, it was an honor and a privilege to carry and to care for Levi.
Here are some pictures from day 2 since that is where I left this blog last, eh? :) Enjoy!

The Aunts and Uncles make it!

Uncle Weston forgetting that he was coming to Idaho in March... where there is still snow! :)

Love this floppy chicken shot!

Love those lips...

Micah (2 yrs.) is super affectionate with his baby bro.

Gramma with the tiny peanut...

with Dr. Minudri, the greatest doctor ever!


2 days old @ 5:30pm!