Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Levi

Tomorrow is Levi's 2nd birthday. I wasn't kidding when I said I would update this slowly... much slower than I thought! I figured I would take the opportunity to post pictures from day 4 (and maybe more) as we were leaving the hospital around that time, and getting to bring him home. A nice surprise, but also something we were not prepared for in the slightest! Not to worry, with three older brothers, I had lots of clothes on hand. The thing I wish I had more of were good hats. Some friends knit and crocheted him a couple, but there were some I liked more than others and he wore them 24/7. You'll notice from the pictures my favorite ones had a chin strap which helped keep the hat and his bandage on. Highly recommended in a variety of tiny sizes!
Here are some favorite pictures-

Seriously. COME ON!! Cutest Yawn EVER.

This peanut saw the world! Here we are by the Snake river with his aunt Fifi, the uncles, Gramma and brothers. And yes, we brought boxed wine. Don't you dare judge us. :)


Levi and Miss Suze, the maker of that adorable little hat.

Me and the little man.

Micah loving on his little bro.

Tomorrow morning we will remember Levi's birth by eating cinnamon rolls, a birthday tradition around here, and bringing flowers to his grave. Last year we all wrote or drew something that reminded us of Levi. The boys mostly drew pictures of Levi fighting dragons, but Larson and I wrote some of our memories and we put them all in an envelope. We'll do something similar this year, and every year, in remembrance of our much loved brother and son.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levi!


Anonymous said...

Levi is beautiful, and I believe with all my heart that he is with God now and was always a magnificant part of Gods creation. Sometimes its the moments like these that pass us by and make us truly value those who are a part of our life and reading your words has truly helped me to appreciate my daughters all the more.
You are a very strong inspiring family and I cannot imagine how hard this was for you all but Levi was blessed with such a wonderful loving and caring family for his short life and it seems he got more love in those short days than some get in a lifetime. You should be so incredibly proud of yourselves and your beautiful little boy for the way he pushed on and the way you cared for him. God Bless you and your family and Levis story will remain in my heart forever as one of the most beautiful stories i have ever heard.

Holly said...

I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday and remembering him on his day.

Happy Birthday Levi!

Liz said...

Such a sweet post Bethany. I loved seeing the pictures and hearing about what the boys drew for his birthday. Praying for you and Larson as you remember him this spring.

bigbadmarkus said...

I don't know how I stumbled across this blog, but I want you to know that Levi and your family have changed my life. I've always been kind of "glass half empty" about things but after reading about the joy, love, and happiness that Levi brought into your life it has changed that. Every life is beautiful and precious and I want to thank you and wonderful Levi for hitting that home for me.